SolomonSullivan created a new topic ' Wow or GW2 for casual PVP?' in the forum. 8 months ago

Before you guys bury me I know PVP is inherently not "casual" but I'm okay with being mediocre or bad at it. I've realized that, as casual as I am, I can't sustain myself on PVE end game alone and I feel like I need a game where I can at least participate in some PVP--I've mostly narrowed in down to these two as I already have some footing/history with both, but I'm not entirely resistant to other suggestions. I know the PVP for both isn't in a great spot right now, but again, it wouldn't be my primary focus. I'm not really interested in arenas in wow or getting incredibly competitive (and frankly it's impossible with my playtimes) so I am primarily focused on battlegrounds and similarly easy to jump into game modes. Thoughts?