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Is Playing PUBG Waste of Time

Playing any video game isn't a waste of time provided you do have some time to play.

Playing PUBG ( or any other game will increase your reflexes and reaction time because if you don't react fast while playing, you loose. While playing a person also has to take quick decisions which will help him in his life too. And since PUBG can be played as a team, you improve your teamwork and communication capabilities.

It also takes your mind away from any tension or negative thoughts that you may have and helps beat stress.And if you have some serious talent, and if you can put more hours in playing, you may go pro and compete in national and international tournaments, earn huge amount of money and become a celebrity. If you cant become a pro, you may stream your game and have followers as well as a decent income.

If you are a student, you can take a career in Game Development, Game Programming, Game Testing, Game Designing and so on.

If you are already busy the entire day with some serious business, or have something more productive things to do, then too, playing for about an hour isn't a waste of time.

It would be a waste of time only if you are playing at a time when you must be doing something else.

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